One Simple Act You Can Do That Has Great Impact

Did you know February 7th is “Send a Card to a Friend Day?” What a great day to celebrate! 

Last year I sent cards to a lot of friends. Almost one a week for an entire year. I sent them to dear friends. To my children or to old friends I haven’t spoken with in a while. To colleagues or friends who were ill. (some now passed). It was so simple to do and the response was wonderful. 

I would get a call or an email to say “Thank you, I was having a difficult day and then I received your card in the mail. It brightened my day.” How lovely is that? Something so simple can have an impact on a person’s day. Not everyone responded. Some were silent. But I didn’t send the cards out to get a response – although the response, in turn, made my day. I sent the cards out for the sole purpose of brightening someone’s day. 

This world needs more kindness. It needs more love. The people who are in our lives need to hear we care about them. Don’t you think? Imagine how you would feel if you received a card from someone you know? A card that said – “Just popping in to tell you I’m thinking of you. I think you’re great. I appreciate our friendship.“ How would that make you feel? You can do that for someone else. With nothing more than a card, stamp and a pen. 

Tip – You can find a ton of blank cards for cheap at the Dollar Store. Being kind doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. 

So, that’s it! Why not run out and buy a card for someone you love today? Handwrite a little note then post it in the mail. You’ll make someone’s day (including your own).








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