My Awesome Retro Photoshoot

I sometimes think I missed my era. The 40’s and the 50’s. Not the house-wifey, stay quiet and in your rightful place part. But the clothes. People knew how to dress back then. Both men and women. Curves were celebrated! The red nails and matching lipstick. The hair. My goodness. And then there is the music. Big band. Motown. Ella. So wonderful. I love it all.  

So, what does a gal like me do? A retro photoshoot that’s what.  

A neighbour of mine has this classic Mustang convertible. His red-orange garage queen started the whole idea. One day after watching me drool over the car, Ron offered his prize car for a photoshoot. If I wanted. If I wanted? Ha! I already own some retro dresses. I have a show called Journey to Divalicious! The pictures came to life in my mind. I asked another neighbour, the lovely Jessica if she would help with the styling. She is a Stella & Dot stylist and I thought we could join forces. Next, I hired a photographer and we were up and running. The date booked.  


There’s a lot of set up to a shoot like this. Locations. Ideas. Weather. You have to get your nails done. False eyelashes. Hair. What are you going to wear? Do you have the right shoes? No? Best buy some. Are there props? Yes. Soon I was sourcing old fashioned mics and overnight cases. It was kind of crazy. So much running around. By the time we got to the shoot, I felt like I’d been up for three days straight. I think I may have been.  

The night before the photographer called. The forecast called for rain. 5mm of rain in the a.m. That’s a lot of rain. The week before had been solid sunshine. Sweltering heat. But the day of the shoot? Rain. We almost cancelled. The next morning it didn’t look too bad. We decided to go for it anyway because mics were rented and cars were washed. Everyone was available. Who knew what it would be like a week from now? Let’s go!  

We left the house, high heels, red lips and a pretty dress. Off to the railroad tracks. Molly my beagle couldn’t stand that I had left the house without her. I could hear her howling. She wouldn’t stop. Then I see a perky beagle running towards me like the Alpo Dog. I broke my pose. She had escaped and was soon ‘on set’ with me.  

Later, when I got in the Mustang to take pictures I thought Molly was going to lose it. She thought I was driving away again without her. More howling. Have you heard a beagle howl? Lord.  


Jessica’s kids came out of hiding and watched with interest for about an hour or so. People stopped and looked. I felt like a star in my own neighbourhood. They gave photo suggestions and compliments. I live in a great area of BC and love my neighbours. 


They say never work with kids or animals. I would like to add classic cars to the mix. I was totally upstaged by Ron's Mustang Convertible. But, I have to admit, it is a gorgeous car. You would believe how small they are inside. How did anyone ever neck in one of those things? They had to be in their 20's and very limber that's all I can say.

It was important to me that the shots not be ‘pin-up’. They could be fun. Pretty. Coquettish even. But not about sex. I want the photos to be empowering. Celebrating women at any age. At any weight. In all our Divalicious goodness.  

I’ve never done a photoshoot weighing what I do right now. I had to give myself a pep talk right before. My insecurities rose to the surface. I felt panic. I stopped. Took a breath. I needed to practice what I preach. I had the lovely Jessica to remind me of how beautiful I was. She wasn’t about to let me forget it. Surround yourself with good people they say. Jessica is good people. 

Divalicious is about being the best YOU, YOU can be. Right here. Right now. At this particular moment in time. It’s about enjoying it all. Breathing it all in. Giving your best. And loving every minute of it. Including yourself.  

I did that. And it was exhausting. Exhausting and fun. What a Divaliciously fantastic day. It’s crazy how tired I was when it was all over. I slept for two days.  

I can’t wait to see the pictures and share them with you. I hope the photographer was able to capture the heart of the day. Which was all about community. Love and a whole lot of Divalicous fun.