11 Different Christmas Movies to Watch this Year

It's December! Bring on the Eggnog, cozy fires, and Christmas Movies. 


2020 has been a year full of change. I was thinking, why not change up some of the Christmas movies too?


We all know Elf, White Christmas and Scrooge – (Alastair Sims please), and they are must watches. How about a list of 11 different Christmas movies to watch. Movies that are outside of the norm. Why not a list of 10 movies you ask? Because that would be a typical list. We don't do 'typical.'

Who knows, you may discover a new must-watch or be reminded of an old favourite.


The Thin Man – 1934 William Powell and Margaret Loy, Turner Classic Movies. (Dec 31st – Thin Man three movies)

I love all the Thin Man Movies. They are fun who dunnits, full of class and charm. The wit and banter can’t be beat. But a word of warning, don’t do a drinking game with this one. You’ll lose. - Prime Video  (USA), Library 


The Shop Around the Corner (1940)  – Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullivan, Turner Classic Movies (Dec 20, Dec 24) 

A lovely movie. Before Jimmy was Jimmy in It’s a Wonderful Life  - Prime Video  (USA), Library 


Klaus – Animated.

“A true act of kindness always sparks another.” I loved this movie. A charming look at how it all started. Entertaining and fun to watch. –  Netflix 


Fred Claus – 2007 Vince Vauhn, Paul Giamatti.

I really enjoy this movie. If you like Elf, you'll like this one. Dare I say, I like it more. It's more than fun Santa fare. It depicts the challenges of family and how love can overcome. It has some depth, real acting and is heartwarming. Funny. Too many actors to mention. - Prime Video 


Auntie Mame – 1958, Rosalind Russel –

My friend Jim introduced me to this one. What fun! An eccentric woman adopts an orphan boy and introduces him to a variety of experiences. She eventually becomes wealthy when a millionaire she marries dies in an accident.  – Rent Cineplex Odeon 


The Family Stone – 2005 – All star Cast.

If you’re into big casts of stars like Love Actually, check out The Family Stone. Love. Christmas. Family. Laughs. What’s not to love? – Prime Video 


The Bishop’s Wife – 1947 – Cary Grant, David Niven, Loretta Young.

“All of us know that angels don't walk the earth like natural men—and definitely not in the image of that debonair rascal, Gary Grant.” Need I say more? – Prime Video, or watch here 


The Christmas Chronicles – 2018 – Curt Russel.

My husband loves this one – must be the whole grumpy Santa thing.  – Netflix 


A Christmas Memory – 1966 – Geraldine Page, Truman Capote narrates

This is beautiful. Under an hour. Poetic. Here it is on YouTube 


One Magic Christmas – 1988 – Mary Steenburgen.

This is not your typical Christmas fare. It's a drama. But it has an angel and the wonderful Mary Steenburgen. And a ton of Canadian talent in it. It takes a while for the happy ending. But be patient. It comes. My husband loves this movie. It’s hard to find – but you can rent it on YouTube. *Update* I found it on Disney


Millions - 2004 - directed by Danny Boyle

Roger Ebert said "a family film of limitless imagination and surprising joy, follows the two brothers as they deal with their windfall...This is one of the best films of the year." - Disney Channel - personal note - the little boy who plays the lead is adorable. Sweet movie.


I hope you enjoy my list of 11 different movies to watch this Christmas. Why not slide one of these in-between Christmas Story and Elf? You might be presently surprised. See what I did there?


Happy watching. Happy Holidays.










PS - Because you read to the end I'd like to give you a little gift. Here's a free Christmas Ringtone for your phone.