I'm Wonder Woman ... Except with more clothes

I have been silent for a while.

Well, silent might not be the best word to describe me. At least according to my husband. I will say my online presence went into hush mode. Which, considering the latest Zuckerberg scandal, is probably not a bad thing.  

Truth be told I’ve been very busy. I didn’t forget about you. That would never happen. I did take the time to write a blog post while in a hotel room at some point. I typed it on my phone. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to write a blog post on your phone? It ain’t easy, let me tell you. I made the mistake of typing it all before saving it. Rookie mistake. I had read it through a couple of times and thought “Hey! That’s pretty good. I like it…. I’ll just fix this little part over here … “ when BOOM! My phone froze. Yup. Froze. Like Walt Disney’s Corpse. I sat there looking at my phone. Begging it to come to life. Do something! Anything! But no such luck for this girl. My phone became the Blog Nazi “NO BLOG FOR YOU!”  

I didn’t have the energy to go through it all over again. Let’s get real here, my little grey cells felt depleted and I had a to-do list a mile long. It’s like missing a workout. Once you miss one deadline, it’s pretty easy to miss another. But here I am! My running shoes are on and I’m back on the treadmill, or in this case at my computer.  

It’s mid-March and I’m 2 ½ months into my Year of Honour. I have learned so much during these few months of 2018. To refresh your memory, instead of proclaiming New Year’s Resolutions I attached a word to my year. 2018's word is Honour. No chance of failure. How do you fail a word? My focus is on honouring my health, but I  try to attach the word to all aspects of my life. It’s one of my best decisions ever. I am loving my year of honour.  

It’s been a busy few weeks. I’m still staying true to my Keto diet ways – but I have to say, it is getting tiring. I miss being a vegetarian. Being on the road and doing Keto wasn’t easy. I have a memory of being so hungry that I chowed down on a Kielbasa sausage while driving. It couldn’t have been a pretty sight. I finally took the time to find a 30 day Keto Plan. I’ll eat what I’m told for 30 days and see if things change.  

· My progress so far – I have lost some weight – how much? I’m not sure. I don’t weigh myself.  
· My joint paint has drowned in a sea of coconut oil. Never to return I hope.  
· I have more energy unless I’m the hamster on the treadmill. If my life is like that nothing helps.  

Speaking of a hamster on the treadmill – I did a mini-tour. What a blast. How exhausting. But I learned a huge lesson. I’ve been working on a show based on the music of Plush Red Chair. It’s how I roll. I think in theatre or production naturally. It's as normal to me as my morning coffee. I’ve had the idea for a while of going to smaller towns in infinity and beyond to perform a simplified version of this show. Equipped with a mic, sound system, a friend to help schlep/keep me company and the band hidden in a box … or my phone. It's an inexpensive way for me to bring my music to smaller towns. When I bring one musician it’s good. It's live. But there’s some pizazz missing. With my soundtracks, I have a 10 piece band with me at all times. The audience gets all the bells, whistles and guitar solos of my show for cheap. Sure the live band is great. Fantastic actually. But not always workable. Well, I’m happy to say the Band in the Box Concert Series worked! I tried it out on the road in the Cariboo and Southern Interior of BC. We had a great time. Although, doing it all (split between my dear friend Sasha and myself) was tiring. Travelling for 7 hours straight to 100 Mile House, BC and then doing a show was straight out ludicrous. There were technical issues. We rearranged song choices and set-lists after the first concert. Who was doing what shifted and we found our rhythm. In the end, we put together a lovely little show that touches people and fed our souls as well as those who came to listen. Audiences were enthusiastic and appreciative. It felt good and my goal of bringing the show Plush Red Chair through Northern BC felt doable.  

A few days after arriving home I did a gig with the band in a lounge. Besides the fact that the lounge was … how do I say this politely? …I can’t. I can say this - friends who attended the concert questioned me about the validity of my booking agent. I made a mistake as a musician. A mistake not soon forgot. There are venues who don’t treat the talent well. Who build reputations on the backs of local musicians. So far in my career, I've managed to stay away from them. Not this time. But it was more than that.  I had the band with me which is always a treat. There were lovely people in the audience who came out to support me and my music. Singing along to my songs. Dancing. They bring a smile to my face thinking about them. But still, there was something missing. What was it? The connection. My story. 

I read something this week very interesting. Clarity = Power. Well, my friend, I found clarity this week. I’m not a lounge performer. Although I love singing, it is the connection with you in the audience I love more. 

I had just returned from singing my songs in small towns. Using halls, art galleries, homes. No live band. Few people in the audience I knew. (Except for our fabulous hosts) Audiences ranging in numbers from 7 to 40. It was exhausting work. Travel every day. I loved it. It felt right. Real. At home. The lounge? Not so much. Clarity. I became very clear on who I am as a performer. I have a need to share my story and to help others. Inspire others. That is my true calling. 

Woo! I feel like Wonder Woman only with more clothes on. 

I'm focused and strong! Now that I am sure of who I am which begs the question "Who have I been imitating all these years?" I will shift my focus in that direction.  

Clarity = Power. That’s good advice. The thing is I wouldn’t have become clear without making the mistake of the lounge. So as duped as I was by the venue, the lesson I learned has great value and that is what I choose to take away from it. 

Figuring out who you are as a person takes time. Or at least it has for me. We are constantly changing. Evolving. There is a song on my album that I think you may like. Plush Red Chair. I'll have to write a blog about the day I realized I was a plush red chair. It's not every day you compare yourself to a chair, and then write a song about it. It's a good song too! I'd love to give you a copy of it. Click here and it's yours!