Valerie, Amy Winehouse and Me.

I remember the first time I heard Amy Winehouse. I thought THAT’s IT! That’s my kind of music. Familiar rhythms with a modern edge. A mixture of Jazz and pop. She was a tattooed beauty with sadness in her eyes. A train wreck waiting to happen. She was so hip. So cool. I’m so ordinary by comparison. No drugs. I’m not an alcoholic. The thought of writing a song about going into rehab doesn’t even enter my head. But I loved her music. Her voice. Her vocalizing. Her stylistic choices. When she left us we lost someone special. 

I always loved the song Valerie, but I have to admit I have no idea what some of the lyrics mean. It could be that lack of hipness I carry with me every day. Some slang terms that I have no idea the meaning of. Or, the writers wrote words that fit. At any rate – Valerie is one of those songs where the melody and beat carry it. It has a great hook. 

I was moonlighting with a 10-piece band last month (Soul Purpose) and learned Valerie for one of the sets. I remembered how much I loved this song. I could never get away with singing a song about going into rehab. But I can sing a song about Valerie. 

I decided to pay homage to the lost, but incredibly talented Amy Winehouse. Below is a Samsung Galaxy Video of Valerie. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Series is back. For now anyways. So check it out below. I hope you enjoy Valerie. Miss you Amy.