Rekindle the Love for Your Goals in 2021

You don’t bring me flowers. You don’t sing me love songs.

How do we rekindle our love for the goals we set at the beginning of the year? 

Yup. It’s mid-January, and the honeymoon is over. The love-filled gaze of a fresh new year is jilted by the constant barrage of bad news from the media. We can see our goals for 2021 eroding before our eyes like a bad marriage. 

I was shocked to read that only 8% of people accomplish goals. 8%! That is shockingly low. I want you to be part of the 8%. If you're feeling the slip - help is on the way. Keep reading.


Remember your Why.  

This is said over and over, but it is true. The only thing is sometimes our why doesn’t give us tons of motivation. At least it didn't for me. But, what if there was a way to have your goals excite you into action? I believe there is. Try this - 

Imagine your most Divalicious day five years from now. Ask yourself the following

  • Where are you living? 
  • What does your home look like?  
  • What do you look like?  
  • What do you do for a living?  
  • Who are your friends?  
  • What do you do for fun?  
  • How is your health?  
  • How much money do you have in the bank?  
  • What are your relationships like? 
  • What are your hobbies?

Take the time to write it all down in living colour detail. Enough, so the thought of it excites you. A life you are thrilled to live. A life that makes you beam all day long.  

Now ask yourself this question, do the goals you set for yourself in 2021 match up in some way to this Divalicious life? Are they a step in the direction of the life you dream of? Are your goals well rounded? Meaning, they aren’t all about your health. Or all about your career. Your Divalicious life is more than that. It is all of you.

If the answer is no, it’s time to find another goal or tweak the ones you have. Caveat – this is not the time to overhaul your life. Choose 2 or three and then go all in. 

The key to success is in your Divalicious Day five years from now. It needs to excite you. It needs to be your day. Not the day you think you should have. Or the day others believe you should have – but the day you want. If it makes you excited and giddy to think about – and then you create goals that will help get you there – you have a powerful why. 



Now that you have your why solidified, it’s time for you to dig in. There is no change if there's no change. There are going to be days when you don’t feel like it. There are going to be days when taking a step towards your goal is challenging. A small step is all that’s required. And if you fail (and we all do), it isn’t the end of the world. Ask yourself why you failed. Learn from it. Let the misstep go, and then take another step towards your goal the first chance you get. The key is to be consistent and moving forward towards the Divalicious life of your dreams. Make a promise to your future self that you're not going to quit. And then keep that promise.


Daily Review 

One way to keep dreams front and centre is to review them every day. I have my five year, three year, one year, and quarterly goals written on the same page in my planner. I look at them every day. It’s a great way to keep me on track. And I can adjust them if I choose. Because it is my life, after all. Reviewing your goals every day is powerful. Give it a try. It's like having a Persistence Quote nag at you every day. But in a loving way.


Daily Habits 

What you do every day reveals who you are. It is as simple as that. Do your current daily habits align with the future vision of you? What are a few habits you could incorporate into your life now that would help you on your way to your Divalicious life five years from now? Pick a couple to incorporate into your life and let consistency reign.


I want you to be part of the 8% that reach their goals. I believe in you now and in the future you. You deserve to live the life you were born to live. Your Divalicious life! If you would like help setting your goals for the year, using your Divalicous Day as a starting point or want a habit tracker on steroids, I have to free resources that will help you with both. Happy goal setting!