In My Sister's Death I Found My Life

It's been ten years. Ten years! A full decade since my oldest sister Joyce passed away. I can't believe it has been that long. Her death had such an impact on me it's difficult for me to describe. Her death…

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Are You on the Outside Looking In?

I look at this photo and see myself ... well a very young version of myself .... except I had red hair. OK, so I don't see me exactly in this picture, but there is a little girl inside of…

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How a Red Chair Turned into My Theme Song

Have you ever noticed a child playing? A toddler can find hours of enjoyment playing with a box. So can a cat, but that's irrelevant. Give a child some mud and rubber boots and you've lost them for a while.…

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How to Find Beauty amidst the Crap

January is National Thank-You Month.

Living life from a place of gratitude is much better than living life from a place of gloom and lack don't you think? Sure there are things going on in the world that can…Read more

My Journey to Divalicious

What is Divalicous anyway?

Well it's a made up word so it really can be anything you want it to be. Its a word blend like Bennifer or Bromance. A blend of Diva and Delicious so I guess it could…Read more

6 Simple Changes for a Delicious 2017

2016 was something, wasn't it? Let's not even get into it - We all know what happened in the world. I'll leave what happened personally .... personal. But a freshly baked new year is here and I do hope it…

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Next week will mark the one year anniversary of when my big sister Sheila passed away. 

My big sis 

I didn't realize someone who was terminally ill could pass away suddenly, but my sister did. We knew she…

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Moments 2016

2016 has been an interesting year. 

I remember at the beginning of the year I was mourning the loss of my sister who had passed away a couple of weeks earlier. I decided that 2016 was going to be…

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Finding My Own Voice

When I look back on my life I see it musically. 

The people who influenced me or lifetime highlights often taking on a specific genre or artist. The story of my life appears as an old-fashioned (now hip) vinyl…

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Pushing Past the Fear

Fear held me in its grasp, squeezing the life from me and then … 

Fear is an amazing thing. It can be fun in that “I’m on the rickety old wooden Roller Coaster at the PNE” … or “munching…

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