eBook Lyrics & Stories Behind Plush Red Chair
  • eBook Lyrics & Stories Behind Plush Red Chair
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A 32 page EBook. Beautifully laid out. Full of pictures, lyrics and the intimate stories behind the album "Plush Red Chair".

"The journey here has been winding, long and at times difficult. Life isn’t always kind. It’s like that for anyone. We all experience hard times and I’ve had my fair share. 2016 was no exception. It will go down in history as one of my darkest years. And yet it is the year Plush Red Chair was conceived. It is the year I made the decision to move forward.

I wrote most of the lyrics for this album in March of 2016. I was at home recuperating from a major surgery. I had time on my hands. So, I wrote. It’s like a lifetime poured out of me. One song after another. There was an ease to it. I don’t know how I did it. All I know is I sat down and wrote. I guess the stories were aching to come out."

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