1. Divalicious!

From the recording Plush Red Chair

Artist: Cayla Brooke
Written by Cayla Brooke & Bill Sample
Album: Plush Red Chair 2017


VS 1
Some say I'm too Old
Too much meat on my bones
My time is past.
Too many milestones

Leave it for the young.
Be surreptitious.
I don't fit your mould
'cause I'm Divalicious!

VS 2
I'm kicking down the fences
That try to pen me in.
Knowing my value
despite the decade I'm in

Call me crazy. Call me over ambitious
I don't fit your mould
'cause I'm Divalicious!

Diva. Diva. Divalicious.
Diva. Diva. Divalicious.

VS 3
Don't give into fear.
Do what you're here to do.
Regret is far worse
than a challenge or two.

Go ahead. Be Bold.
Be expeditious
Don't fit in their mould
Be Divalicious!

Everybody’s getting older but it doesn’t mean that life is over.
If you gotta do it then you gotta do it or you’ll always wonder.

VS 4
You’ve got something to say
for those who want to learn
Experience takes a lifetime to earn.
You’ve lots to give. You are prodigious.
So break that mould and Find your Divalicious!