From the recording Plush Red Chair

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Artist: Cayla Brooke
Written by Cayla Brooke & Bill Sample
Album: Plush Red Chair 2017


You thought I'd roll over.
There was a time I thought I would.
I felt my life was over.
I'd lost everything I thought was good.
Abandoned. Confused.
Wondering what I'd done wrong.
Then I saw the light.
You didn't break me.

You didn't break me.
I never let you win.
I'm living my life the way I always should have been.
You didn't get your way this time. No. No.
You didn't break me.

You tried to hold me down.
But cream rises to the top.
You said I'd never make it.
But couldn't make me stop.
No love. No life. No family.
Then I saw the light you didn't break me.

I have love in my life
And it’s a beautiful thing
Real love and family
And new words to sing
No longer alone.
No longer afraid.
Cause I saw the light. You didn’t break me.

You hurt me.
And left me standing here all alone.
But I saw the light.
It was the tiniest light.
I saw the light and you didn't break me.