For me, art is pure magic. It's a journey that can make you laugh, cry, dance, and reflect. When I create, my aim is to captivate, never to be mere background noise. In a world filled with noise, I strive to create something that truly resonates.”

Cayla Brooke - A Musical Journey of Resilience

Cayla Brooke, the award-winning singer-songwriter, found her voice after a decade-long silence. Her music and story inspire people of all ages to rediscover their strength. Best known for "Plush Red Chair," her debut album acclaimed by No Depression Magazine. Now in Alberta, she's crafting her second album, “Simplicity.”

Cayla Brooke's journey is one of unwavering determination. Despite early life trauma and a turbulent path, she rediscovered her voice and purpose. Her debut album, "Plush Red Chair," garnered critical acclaim and established her as a must-have in the music industry. Now based in Alberta, Cayla is shaping her second album, "Simplicity," a concept work that lets music shine with two instruments and vocals per song. Beyond music, she empowers her listeners through her story, offering tools and permission to reclaim their inner strength.

Pure, absolute bliss!”

— Stacey Zering, No Depression Magazine

The hairs instantly stood up on the back of my neck”

Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory

The results are absolutely stunning, channeling the grit, energy and class of a performer that is just incredibly distinctive and one-of-a-kind.”

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