What is it with the Naked Women

Naked Girl I

When I first saw the sketch for my album cover Plush Red Chair I laughed. I said in my head,

“I can’t have a pic of a naked woman for my album cover.”

But “Naked Girl,” as I lovingly call her, grew on me. She represented something my soul ached for.

The freedom to be me. As I am. Open. Honest. Authentic. Divalicious! The more I gazed at her, the more I loved her. The more I wanted to be like her. 


Naked Girl IISkip ahead a couple of years. I’m writing new music with a new writing partner. We decide to put on a concert. We choose to name the show after one of our songs. Sophisticated Enough.

This time I pick up the pen and sketch some artwork for the poster. What do I draw? Naked Girl II. She isn’t the skillful drawing like that of Naked Girl I, illustrated by renowned artist James Picard. Naked Girl II is beautiful but straightforward, without arms and artistic flair. If someone had suggested before I would use the female figure to represent my music, I would have laughed. But now, as I look at what seems to be a theme, I see its perfection. 


I long for the day when we as men and women can be ourselves. Use our authentic voices. Be who we were born to be. Open. Honest. Free. And Divalicious. That is my dream and why I do what I do.

Tickets to Sophisticated Enough are on sale until Jan 25th, 2020.