That's a Wrap!

When I look back at 2020 at first glance it seems as though I did nothing. The goals I had at the beginning of the year stand out like glowing reminders of my incompetence. Well, that’s depressing. Then I thought about it – hello there was a pandemic. 2020 was a gong show for us all. I had to have accomplished something, right? I mean just surviving it with my soul intact is an accomplishment. I set to figure out what I had accomplished in 2020 post Pandemic. 



1. I lost over 25lb in 2020. OK, this is a big deal because I’ve been going the opposite way for a while now. I’ve been praying for a few years to ‘figure it out’. What works for me and my body and to feel comfortable living that way for the long term. I finally have received my answer. Watch for some physical changes in me in 2021. I also took my health seriously. Dental. Chiropractor. Massages. Enough is enough. We have one body and one life. Vertigo during the summer was what kicked me into gear. Can one be thankful for Vertigo? I guess I am. As long as it doesn't come back. 



2. 2020 Was the year I Fed My Soul I don’t even remember what my word for the year was at the beginning of 2020. Because everything went sideways. But I ended up “Feeding my Soul” all year. I leaned into intentional living. I realized the impact feeding my soul had on my life and wanted to share it with everyone. It kept me sane while I worked from home for 9 months straight. Seldom leaving the house. It has become a part of my day-to-day and I am so grateful for it. 



3. I shifted and pivoted The music stopped for me last year, which hurts my heart. Music is such a huge part of me and not having it in my life has been the most difficult. The loss of my music income wasn’t great either. But I switched gears and have been a guest on several podcasts and summits. Something I had never done before 2020. I am now a co-moderator of the Female Indie Musician Community on Facebook and do live chats with them 2 x a month. None of this would have happened without the Pandemic. Can you say perk?



4. I found my sense of adventure I didn’t get out much. So there was little to stimulate me. When I did venture away from home and there was an opportunity to try something new – I took it. I changed the dialogue in my head and told myself I was an adventurous woman. I could try new things. And I did. It was invigorating and joyful. And I want to do more. I will. 



Now I look back and think – that’s not too bad. I accomplished a better life for Cayla kind of goals. And I like that.


In summary, I lived in 2020.


Wow really? Yes. In all of the chaos I learned to live. I slowed down and enjoyed the little things. I took time for me. I had fun and laughed. I got closer to the people I love and thinned the herd with the rest. I want more of that. So, for 2021 my goals are different. I still have things I want to do but my criteria are different for next year. I’m looking at what I want for my life 5 years from now - not simply career. And basing my goals off that. 



If you’re a goal-setter like me you will find this helpful - I put together a PDF with leading questions to ask yourself. It will walk you through the process of goal setting. No more random goals. But goals that suit what you want for your Divalicious life. It was life-changing for me. It may be for you too.


And that my friends is a wrap! I guess hindsight really is 2020. ;-)