I'm a Fortunate Cookie

During the summer of 2021, I decided to join a songwriting challenge. It would give me something to do outside of the ordinary since I had stayed home for 2 years in a row during the pandemic. I needed some variety. 


The challenge was simple. We were given prompts and challenged to write and upload a song to the group within the week. Challenge accepted. 


I wrote some mediocre songs and one song that was nothing more than a theme. But, creativity is what it is, and writing within the confines of a challenge is, well, challenging. 


But no challenge was more potent than the week my prompt was a picture of a Fortune Cookie. So what the hell was I going to write about a fortune cookie? 


My mind raced. 

Our love is like take-out.

And I've ordered chop suey. 

But sooner or later, my lips will say phooey. 

I'm hungry again.


God help me! My lyrical mind was blank. All week!

And then, my muse appeared the night before I had to upload the song. She must have seen me sweating. So, together, we came up with a concept. 


The following day, I woke up and wrote the song. What a fortunate cookie I was. 


 I don't understand my muse, but I do love it when she shows up to help. 


Here is a video of the first and only time I performed Fortune Cookie with a band. It's from September 2021, soon after I wrote it. I think the song is a hoot. I’d love to know what you think.



I'll perform it for the 2nd time with the band on August 1st at the Harmony Arts Festival. That should be fun. 

In the meantime,