Soapbox or Soulbox.

Today I went to send a quick grocery list to my husband. The typical loaf of bread and eggs checklist that's a rite of passage for every spouse. 


But I got sidetracked when searching for the Grocery folder on the notes on my phone. 


There it was, a purple folder, "Feed My Soul Notes." 


A few years ago, I became aware of how I felt after certain things happened. There were evenings when I laid my head on my pillow and had an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. On other days I felt like I had wasted the day. 


I wanted to know what made the difference in the way I felt. Why did some things feed my soul and others drain it? 


So I started to keep notes. I wrote down everything that happened on days that felt like a million dollars. On days that felt in the red, I wrote about them too. I kept track of it all. 


Today, I read some of those entries.   


My search for the connection was obvious. What was it? Was it the community? The spontaneity? I wanted to find the answer to what fed the soul. 


I did. 


It was interesting to see where it all started. This 'Feed My Soul' movement, of one.


Here I am years later, still on my soapbox. Or maybe it's a Soul box. But, I'm stopping short of handing out pamphlets on the street corner to anyone brave enough to pass by, for now.


It's important. It's more than that; dare I say, it's vital. 


We're in this life for such a short time. Shouldn't our days have meaning? 


Things have grown since I first started. When I began, I wrote a checklist of things to do to feed your soul. Then I wrote a seasonal list. Now it's monthly. 


And you can get a Feed Your Soul checklist (Northern Hemisphere) every month for free. It's chock-full of things to do and experience for a specific month. And if you do any of them with intention, you'll have a better month than if you don't. 


Don't believe me? Give it a try. 


You can get your free copy here. 


And then, I'll send you a new checklist every month. So you, too, can experience it every day. 


Because every day is the perfect day to Feed your Soul.