2019 - The year of self-indulgence. The good kind.

Self-care is important. It ought to be our priority. It’s that whole your oxygen mask first idea. Take care of yourself and you’re better equipped to take care of others. And yet if you’re like me, self-care feels selfish. Indulgent. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

I work. I work a lot. I enjoy my work so at times I get lost in it. Hours will go by and I haven’t eaten. Moved. Taken a break. This is not conducive to a “Divalicious Life”. The life I strive for. The life I long for. What to do? 

One of my challenges for 2019 is to add self-care into my daily planner. Yes. That’s right. I now schedule time for me. And I make sure there’s a little something for me every day. Self-care is anything that makes us happy, healthy or more relaxed. 

Some of my go to’s are – 

  • Reading a book 
  • Going for a walk outside 
  • Making a cup of tea and sitting on the balcony for a few minutes 
  • Having coffee with a friend 
  • Chatting to my Grandkids on FaceTime 
  • A massage 
  • Getting a manicure or pedicure 
  • Drawing 
  • Having a Bubble Bath 

Well, gosh darn it! Wouldn’t you know today is Bubble Bath Day? Never was there a better time to schedule some self-care as there is today. 

If you’re at a loss on how to relax – your answer is in the bubbles. Remember being a kid and loving your bubble bath? Blowing the bubbles and watching them float in the air? Making an extra long nose? Or Horns on your head? You can do that again. Plus the bubbles hide the bits and pieces of you you'd rather not think about after the month-long indulgence that was December. So go ahead. Draw a hot bath. Add some fun bubbles. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Light a candle or two. Slip in. Feel the pressure of the day evaporate. Bring a book to read (add more light) or listen to this fab Spotify playlist I created especially for bath time. It almost an hour long. And will at first help you relax and then put you in a great mood while you groove to the tunes.

Ahh, I’m relaxed thinking about it. Is it OK to have a bath in the middle of the day? I’m thinking yes it is.








PS - Don't forget the Spotify Playlist. Perfect for your bubble bath, or your next cup of tea! And of course Follow me on Spotify. I'd love that.