Three Simple Ways to Crush Your Goals this Year

Trust is a big deal. When we lose trust in someone, gaining faith in them again is a long haul. Affairs = broken trust. A lie = broken trust. Broken promise = broken trust. We've all dealt with it one time or another. We've lost faith in someone else because of their actions or inaction. But what about us? Do we lose faith in ourselves? I think so. Why do we not complete what we set out to do? Why do we stop pursuing goals when they get hard? Here are three things to ponder at the beginning of the year, when we're motivated and ready for change. 


1. Keep your promise. 

You've made a promise to yourself. You. The person you're hooked up with your entire life. It's way more than marriage. It is a commitment, like no other. If you can't trust yourself, who can you trust? If you're anything like me, you've let yourself down in the past. It's time to rebuild the trust with you. 

The tendency in January is to overhaul everything. You don't have to. You can start small. Choose one thing if you must. But keep your promise to yourself. You may slip up. You may make a mistake. But get back on it and keep that promise. You deserve to be able to depend on yourself to do what you say you're going to do. 


2. Consistency 

Consistency is a big one for me; hence, it is my word for the year. It ties in with keeping your promise to yourself. If you choose your one thing, make it small and then be consistent with it. Now you're on a roll. That's where change happens. Embrace consistency. You'll thank yourself later. 


3. Good Habits 

Adopting good habits isn't always easy, but it is doable. It is in your daily routines that your goals lie. For instance, if you want to learn about a particular subject, a daily habit of reading is a good start. If your goal is to grow your business, getting enough sleep and a regular sleep schedule is an excellent habit to have. I mean, you need to feel energized to take on the extra work required to grow our business.  right? A new meditation/prayer habit can help you deal with the added stress. You could state your new routine as "I'm going to meditate for 30 minutes, three times a day". Or, you could set yourself up for success and say,


"I'm going to meditate for 1 minute a day."

"I'm going to read one page a day."

"I'm going to walk outside for 5 minutes a day."


Do you see what a game-changer this is?


Ninety minutes of meditation is daunting. Are you a yogi guru? But one minute? Anyone can meditate for one minute. And you know what will happen, of course. You'll end up going for longer. The thing is, you only have to meditate for one minute. And then you can cross it off the list. That's the beauty of it. So those days when you don't feel like it and would normally quit, do one minute.

You get the hit of dopamine for a job well done. And you begin rebuilding trust in yourself. 


That's it. It's pretty simple really. Keep your promise. Be consistent. Make it a habit.


So, in 2021 let's work together at regaining our trust in ourselves. I'm going to keep the promises I make to myself. Pinky swear. You? If you need an accountability partner - Comment and let me know you're going to keep your promises to yourself too! 








PS – If you want to track your habits, I have put together an epic habit monitoring spreadsheet. It's a habit tracking system for 2021 on steroids. If you want it, it's free. Click here.