A Tall Christmas Order

I've had a wish for Christmas since 2016.

I've watched the world change. In some ways it's been good. In a lot of ways not so much.


What hurts the most is how divided we are. The hatred. The extremes.


I wrote Christmas With Love during the autumn of 2017. My heart was hurting. It still hurts today.


I see a glimmer of hope though. We can all play our part.


Love casts out fear.

In love there cannot be hate.

In love there is peace.


We can't easily control what world leaders do, but we can control what we do.


We can choose to be kind. We can choose our words carefully. We can choose to love. We can choose to not be part of the divide.


Let's all fill this Christmas with Love. For a free download of this song, click here.



Happy Holidays &










PS - For a free copy of the recorded version of Christmas with Love click here