How to Find Beauty Even When You Fall on Your A**

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up.

That was me a couple of days ago. Oh I was plum full of energy and great intentions. It was gorgeous out. A cold January day. The sun was shining brightly and so was my mood. The ocean was alive and playful, the seagulls riding the wind roller coaster. I wanted to capture it. It looked invigorating. So off I went into the brisk outdoors armed with my Samsung Galaxy, my red Kodiaks and my Thrift Store Aviation Jacket on for style. 

I breathed in the fresh ocean air and headed towards the water. There was a lightness in my step. Almost a spring. Not bad for an old girl I thought. I was thinking about the shot I'd get. The best angle. The perfect light. When swoosh. Black ice on the path down to the water. My Kodiaks slid forward like an angry pendulum causing to me to land unceremoniously on my thankfully well-padded arse. I sat there alone. The pain in my butt stealing my breath in gasps. I swear I heard a chipmunk laughing. The path was cold and damp. The spring in my step gone. Sigh. I looked over. The ocean was still alive and playful. Mocking me perhaps? What the hell. I'd never have thought of filming in this angle and I certainly wasn't going anywhere. So a took a few photos. Filmed a little. The pain subsided eventually and I was able to pull myself back up and walk gingerly back to the house. My pants showing the only sign of my unfortunate mishap. 

But hey - I got some pics. 

The moral of the story? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or in this case - take a pic. If you're gonna fall on your arse you may as well make it worth while. There's beauty everywhere if you take the time to look. Now back to my music.   ~ Cayla