My Awesome Retro Photoshoot

I sometimes think I missed my era. The 40’s and the 50’s. Not the house-wifey, stay quiet and in your rightful place part. But the clothes. People knew how to dress back then. Both men and women. Curves were celebrated!…

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The Day My Past and Present Met at a Funeral

Last week I attended the funeral of a friend who passed away from a sudden heart attack. It was sobering, to say the least. Most of us in attendance were gobsmacked. Michael’s death touched us all in a profound…

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Finding My Mojo 


I haven’t written in a while. In a long while. It’s not as though I have nothing to write about. I do. I have two wonderful interviews with artists waiting for me to do something…

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Complaining Cayla Makes a Vow

Are you a complainer? Do you have the complaints department on speed dial? I know I can be at times. I complain about the government. And not my own country! I can complain about finances. A lack of things to…

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We’ve all seen the meme. A picture of Audrey Hepburn or Lucille Ball and the caption “In a world full of Kardashians be an Audrey or a Lucy.” Or to be blunt, have some class. 

But I’d like…

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2019 - The year of self-indulgence. The good kind.

Self-care is important. It ought to be our priority. It’s that whole your oxygen mask first idea. Take care of yourself and you’re better equipped to take care of others. And yet if you’re like me, self-care feels selfish. Indulgent.…

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Growing into 2019

Happy New Year to you! Before getting into the blog, I want you to wish you a fabulous 2019. Full of love, laughter and Divalicious goodness!


When I look over the entire year of 2018 it’s a much…

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Next Year I'm Going to be Jewish for Christmas

I used to love Christmas. Everything about it. I loved the presents. Giving. The shopping. I put together the best stockings. There were new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. Puzzles. Games. A Christmas movie. The house was decorated with garlands and…

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